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Melek Zeynep Bulut’s works are a synthesis of space, experimental architecture, behavioral sciences and visual arts. She focuses on the multi-layered interplay between matter, human perception, experimental fictions and consciousness, exploring how space shapes existence and subjectivity through sensory experiences. Her approach embraces a diverse range of mediums, including sound, perception-based spatial design, installations, sculptures, performances, photography, paintings and video arts. The dynamic between the relationship art & design both very definite and very vague, that boundary has formed the main line of her works since the first decencies. Through her creations, she transforms abstract concepts such as time, perception, ‘the body’, consciousness and societal dynamics into tangible forms, thereby reshaping them as spatial and visual experiences. This is a both a new and a very ancient language of communicating with life.


Born in Beyoğlu in 1989, Bulut continues her productions in London & Istanbul

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