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Melek Zeynep Bulut's works are a synthesis of space, experimental architecture, behavioral sciences and visual arts. She focus on the multi-layered system of material, experimental circulation fiction and human consciousness and examines and exhibits how existence and subjectivity are shaped by space. The space adopts a multilingual production technique among sculptures, installations, photography, performance, painting, video arts. The dynamic between the relationship between design and art, both very definite and very vague, that boundary has formed the main line of her work since the first decencies. In Zeynep's works, the connection we establish with time, body, consciousness, society, the abstract in everyday life turns into an object, material in cycles, and this time it is reshaped as a space, a visual connection. 

She was born in Beyoğlu, Istanbul in 1989. After painting and sculpture studio trainings, she graduated from Kadir Has University, Faculty of Art and Design. While working in an architecture studio in Germany and then in the design departments of various offices in Istanbul, she carried out her art studies on the one hand. She started producing as an art, design and curation studio in Paris in 2016 and has been producing art, design and curation productions in Istanbul and Paris since 2018. 

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